GraphQL server for Laravel

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📜 SDL First

Use the GraphQL Schema Definition Language to describe your data and add functionality through server-side directives.

❤ Laravel Friendly

Build a GraphQL server on top of an existing Laravel application. Maximize code reuse and work with concepts you already know.

⚡ Optimized for Eloquent

Lighthouse leverages your existing models and creates optimized database queries out of the box.

Boilerplate free schema definition

Define your schema without any boilerplate by using the GraphQL Schema Definition Language.

type User {
  name: String!
  posts: [Post!]! @hasMany

type Post {
  title: String!
  author: User @belongsTo

type Query {
  me: User @auth
  posts: [Post!]! @paginate

type Mutation {
    title: String @rules(apply: ["required", "min:2"])
    content: String @rules(apply: ["required", "min:12"])
  ): Post @create

Query just what you need

In a GraphQL query, the client can get all the data they need - and no more - all in a single request.

query PostsWithAuthor {
  posts {
    author {

Get predictable results

A GraphQL server can tell clients about its schema, so they will always know exactly what they will get.

  "data": {
    "posts": [
        "title": "Lighthouse rocks",
        "author": {
          "name": "Albert Einstein"
        "title": "World peace achieved through GraphQL",
        "author": {
          "name": "New York Times"