# Best Practices

When starting out with developing a GraphQL API, it is a good idea to look at existing best practices. We recommend you use GraphQL Rules (opens new window) and the following tips as a starting point to develop a set of guidelines that works for you.

# In the mutation response, return a field of type Query

If you decide to return the Query object in every mutation payload (opens new window), Lighthouse makes it very easy.

type Mutation {
  likePost(id: ID!): LikePostResult!

type LikePostResult {
  record: Post!
  query: Query!

Lighthouse automatically resolves the Query type, your mutation resolver only has to focus on its specific work.

namespace App\GraphQL\Mutations;

final class LikePost
    /** @param  array{id: string}  $args */
    public function __invoke(mixed $root, array $args): array
        // do the main work

        return ['record' => $post];